OS X Server – Mountain Lion VPN

If while connected to your server over VPN, you are unable to resolve web addresses. It could be due to not having DNS servers properly configured in the VPN settings or not having a route configured.

Show additional screen resolutions in Mavericks

By default Apple has hidden the additional screen resolutions in the display panel in system preferences. To access these additional resolutions you need to hold the Option key while clicking on the Scaled radio button for the monitor of your choice.

System & Kernel Logs from the Command Line in Mac OS X

If you’re troubleshooting some of the more difficult problems that you can have on a Mac, a good place to look are the System & Kernel Logs contained within Console app. Unfortunately there are times when you can’t access Console either because you are remotely troubleshooting, in SingleUser Mode, or even because the log files have grown so large that it actually […]