I have been using Simple-Help for over a year and it has worked really well. Direct link usage: simplehelp:///?JW_machine=(generated machine path)

ArchiCAD BIM Server V18

ArchiCAD completely rewrote the management interface into a web application. To access this web interface, navigate to the default address (be sure you include the port) Below are terminal commands to start and stop the server. If you have a previous version running on the same server, you will not be able to use […]

Command Line – Copy and Move Command

I use this one a lot, use this on the command line to copy a file or folder. The -r is recursive so it will include the all files in a directory/folder. The -v is verbose so you can watch the command line fill with the file paths as they are being copied. cp -v -r […]

iOS Resolutions

Dimensions for iOS devices. Devices Portrait Landscape iPhone 5iPhone 5, 5S, 5C 640×1136 px 1136×640 px iPhone 4/4S 640×960 px 960×640 px iPhone & iPod Touch1st, 2nd and 3rd Generation 320×480 px 480×320 px Retina iPadiPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air 1536×2048 px 2048×1536 px iPad Mini 768×1024 px 1024×768 px iPad Mini Retina 1536×2048 […]

Nest Thermostat – Home Automation

When connecting to the Nest thermostat using home automation devices, you may need to supply the Nest thermostats serial number (SN). If you think you have everything setup properly but you are not able to communicate with the Nest, it may be that the serial number you are using is the Base SN and not […]

Google Calendar

To set what calendars are visible on your Apple Calendar app and iOS device, visit the following link. This is how you control the calendars that others have shared with you as well as additional calendars you have created on google.